International History

International History explores periods and events of significant historical import from the Ancient Greeks to the present. What can we learn about today’s world by looking at the past? What… Learn more

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Subject Overview

International History explores periods and events of significant historical import from the Ancient Greeks to the present. What can we learn about today's world by looking at the past? What do our contemporary questions and quandaries reveal about the history of humanity? Based on the assumption that we can never understand where we are, who we are, or where we are going, without knowing the past, this dynamic and fast-paced course draws on examples far and wide to provide at once a solid introduction to the discipline of literary history and a better understanding of humanity, culture, and how we've lived and shaped the world. We use an exciting range of historical sources and students are taught the way History is taught at University, with a focus on critical thinking. Whether a student's interest lies in the 20th century, a period in the past, or in a sweeping overview of the whole of human history, this subject will answer their questions and then invite them to ask more!

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What’s Included

All Reach Cambridge online courses include the following:

  • A personalised course on your chosen subject for your chosen number of hours (hours represent one-to-one contact time)
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  • Optional enrichment courses on Study skills and Leadership skills
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  • A complimentary reflection session at the end of the course
  • A course report and certificate from your course tutor
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Optional Add-Ons:

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Exam and Interview Prep (5 hours)

Do you have a very particular goal in mind? An exam or set of exams that you are focussed upon or a particular interview or set of interviews that you would like to prepare for? Our exam and interview prep classes are designed to do two things. The first is to ensure you have the key skills to succeed: revision techniques and exam preparation for example or public speaking and presentation skills. The second is to pair that skillset with the particular knowledge that will be relevant in the exam(s) or interview(s) you are targeting. And that is where our bespoke packages come into their own - you will be paired with tutors that have both particular subject knowledge as well as the skills you will require to succeed.

Leadership Skills (5 hours)

What does it take to be a young leader and global citizen in today's world? In a world as bustling and busy as ours is today, stepping up to make a difference can be a daunting task. Through this online course, students consider questions of leadership, youth involvement, the role of the internet and social media in 21st-century leadership, global vs. local engagement, and how leadership can be used to make the world a better, kinder place. In parallel to these theoretical discussions, students are challenged to consider the most important issues facing the world today and to develop their own forms of leadership. Workshops on public speaking, presentation skills, interview skills, exam and revision help, academic writing, and more, will reinforce leadership discipline and ideals and help tomorrow’s young leaders to achieve their goals!

Study Skills (5 hours)

What does it take to succeed in university and in life? How can you take care of yourself, emotionally and psychologically, while doing your best every step of the way? Complement your passion for learning with concrete skills to help you thrive and succeed, through sessions covering everything from revision techniques and exam preparation, to essay writing, interview skills and more.


t's not confidence I feel when I walk out of the room but rather a feeling of newfound passion and excitement. I learned so much from these couple of weeks and I hope to return again.

Joshua, International History, 2015

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