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Academic Courses

Choose from among these tried and tested University-style courses and receive personalised lessons from an expert in that field based on your specific areas of interest. Courses available in 10, 20 or 40 hour bundles.

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Introducing students to both the academic field of biotechnology and its practical applications in the real world, the Reach Cambridge Online Biotechnology course is perfect for the curious future-biologist, nature-enthusiast, or anyone hoping to get a peek at the world on a molecular level. This fast-growing area of modern science has the potential to fundamentally alter how we produce food, treat disease and create medicines. Genetics, drug resistance, pharmaceutical science, biotechnological devices and drug design are all fundamental to the contemporary study of biotechnology and offer a challenging but equally exciting and dynamic program for all those who have a passionate interest in biotechnology and the biological sciences.

Creative Writing

In a fast-paced and chaotic world, the creative arts represent an increasingly important endeavour, fundamental to the human condition and forming the bedrock of cultures around the world. Providing guidance and the space for honest expression, the Reach Cambridge Online Creative Writing course aims to foster talent, help to connect students with exciting techniques and examples, and provide the comprehensive feedback every creative soul needs to grow their skill and achieve their goals – whether that goal be to set off on a future writing career or simply to share their thoughts with family and friends. Specialising in all fields of creative writing, from long and short-form fiction, to poetry, stage plays, screenplays, memoir and more, our passionate and talented teachers are happy to focus on every genre or one alone.

English as a Second Language

The Reach Cambridge Online English as a Second Language Course is designed to help non-native speakers of all levels to improve their English and discover the cultures of England and other English-speaking countries around the world. There could be no better way to learn a language! Through intensive one-to-one sessions, students will have conversations and lessons tailored to their particular interests and needs. All areas of comprehension and communication will be covered, with a particular emphasis on preparing students for whatever is coming next – be that university in an English-speaking country, easier communication with English-speaking friends, new opportunities for travel and sharing ideas worldwide, or achieving a new goal by reading a famous British novel. There is no better way to expand your world from home than by learning to speak and see the world in a second or additional language!

International History

The Reach Cambridge Online International History course explores periods and events of significant historical import from the Ancient Greeks to the present. What can we learn about today’s world by looking at the past? What do our contemporary questions and quandaries reveal about the history of humanity? Based on the assumption that we can never understand where we are, who we are, or where we are going, without knowing the past, this dynamic and fast-paced course draws on examples far and wide to provide at once a solid introduction to the discipline of literary history and a better understanding of humanity, culture, and how we’ve lived and shaped the world. The course will use an exciting range of historical sources and will be taught the way History is taught at university, with a focus on critical thinking. Whether your interest lies in the 20th century, a period in the past, or in a sweeping overview of the whole of human history, this course will answer your questions and then invite you to ask more!


The law provides the framework which governs our individual and collective behaviour. Studying the law is not only an incredibly stimulating intellectual activity, but can provide real insight into the rules and guidelines which shape whole societies. The Reach Cambridge Online Law course offers a vibrant introduction to the study of law, exploring a range of modules including criminal law, international law, human rights law and constitutional law. This academically rigorous course will be brought to life through the study of real cases, as well as providing the opportunity for students to develop invaluable skills in debating, public speaking, researching, and presenting an argument. Encouraging students to think critically about legal issues facing the world in the 21st Century, this dynamic course will help them to understand the range of career opportunities in the sector and introduce them to both the academic complexities and the vocational opportunities of the subject.

Medicine & Life Sciences

Whether students are passionate about human biology, intrigued by medical technology, or driven to become a doctor themselves, the Reach Cambridge Online Medicine & Life Science Course is the ideal introduction. These intensive sessions combine a solid anatomical foundation and understanding of the body, with the questions and challenges that continue to fascinate some of the world’s brightest minds, hundreds of years after modern medicine was born! Our medically trained teachers introduce students to a range of subjects taught by scientists at the cutting edge of biological and medical research and work with students to uncover the mysteries of anatomy, trauma & emergency medicine, pharmacology, physiology and biological and medical research, and more!

Politics & International Relations

The Reach Cambridge Online Politics and International Relations course provides students with a fascinating introduction to the world of national and international political systems, giving them the opportunity to discuss and debate the fundamental questions of political life. Covering a broad range of topics within the discipline, the course examines key political thinkers, current global problems, and the principles of the state and the international system. Whether your interest is primarily practical, theoretical, or a combination of the two, this course promises to start you asking the right questions and challenge you to work through some of the most engaging issues facing our world. Perfect for those interested in studying the subject at university or intrigued by political questions, this course will provide students with an enormously enriching understanding of national and international politics.

Young Leaders

What does it take to be a young leader? In a world as bustling and busy as ours is today, stepping up to make a difference can be a daunting task. In the Reach Cambridge Online Young Leaders Course, students will consider questions of leadership, youth involvement, the role of the internet and social media in 21st-century leadership, global vs. local engagement, and how leadership can be used to make the world a better, kinder place. In parallel to these theoretical discussions, students will be challenged to consider the most important issues facing the world today and to develop their own forms of leadership. Workshops on public speaking, presentation skills, interview skills, exam and revision help, academic writing, and more, will reinforce leadership discipline and ideals and help tomorrow’s young leaders to achieve their goals!

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