The Student

Tiya is 17 years old and lives in India. She wanted to study both Business Management and Psychology with Reach, in order to set her up with the skills necessary to pursue her future. Tiya took the course with a friend and peer from her school so that they could continue their studies together outside of the lessons.

The Objectives

  • Tiya wanted to gain an understanding of the basics of Business Management, in order to get closer to her ultimate goal of starting her own business.
  • She also wanted to be introduced to some foundational aspects of Psychology, partly because it was a subject she found interesting and had not studied in depth before, but also because an understanding of behavioural psychology helps with the personal side of business.
  • Tiya also took 5 hours of study skills to help learn how to study smarter and prepare for school exams and University.

Tiya was very enthusiastic from the moment she started the course, and it was great to be able to set her up with two brilliant teachers to cover both of her interests. It was fascinating to see how these two subjects, seemingly unrelated at first, combined together to give her the background she needed to properly conceptualise how running a business would work.”

LukePersonal Adviser

The Tuition

The Tutor: Sara

Sara is currently doing her PhD in Psychology after completing a BSc and MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience. She teaches Psychology and Biology at Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University College.

“Topics covered in classes ranged from memory, social influence, neuroscience and addictions to anomalistic psychology. Tiya approached all topics with the same enthusiasm and could apply concepts to everyday situations, demonstrating a brilliant breadth of knowledge” – Sara

Tiya also had a highly experienced Business & Economics teacher to guide her through this part of the course. During the course, they covered the following:

“Tiya showed a keen interest in all the topics taught. She now has a good understanding of business strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting and finance, as well as microeconomics and behavioural economics…The culmination of the course was her excellent team presentation of a business idea to start an online store with customised jewellery.”

The Student: Tiya

I feel that the amazing faculty played the most important role in my understanding and love of the courses. I also feel that the material available like all the powerpoints and all the assignments that we did were extremely informative and helpful.

My favourite topics were personal finance and anomalistic psychology. Personal finance helped me learn how to manage my own money and see my own expenses. Anomalistic psychology was also one of my favourites as it was a lot of fun to study.

I surpassed my learning objectives as not only did it provide a base for my future colleges but also gave me a glimpse of the kind of assignments we might get and the way we should study the topics taught.

The course has definitely helped me prepare for the future as one of my main reasons for enrolling myself into the course was to provide a base for the courses I want to take in college and it helped me do that.” – Tiya

I am very likely to recommend Reach’s online course to a friend as it was an amazing experience and I feel that everyone should go through this.”