The Student

Miguel is a 20-year-old university student from Spain. He is studying Economics at university, but wanted a course on natural sciences and sustainability to open up his options for the future and help him decide if this could be a suitable career path for him.

The Objectives

  • Miguel was eager to understand the main areas covered by a sustainability course, as this is a growing field that is becoming more and more relevant.
  • Miguel also wanted to gain deeper knowledge of career opportunities in this sector and to be able to take part in practical learning and projects, to find out if he could see himself working in the field of sustainability.

It was brilliant that Miguel came in with a clear idea of what he wanted to do. Sustainability is a crucial field of study for the future, and it was a real pleasure to bring Sri and Miguel together to build the course from scratch in-line with Miguel's objectives.”

JennyPersonal Advisor

The Tuition

The Tutor: Sri

Sri is undertaking her Doctorate in Engineering at University College London, having completed her Master of Research in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science. She has been tutoring STEM subjects for the past 5 years to both pre-university and undergraduate students. Sri is an enthusiastic engineer who challenges students to solve real life problems.

“In his first lesson we explored the seventeen different sustainable development goals and discussed the fundamental importance of these; this class set out the foundation for the rest of the course.

In class, Miguel was challenged to come up with an idea to reduce carbon emissions. He demonstrated excellent entrepreneurial skills in this task and created a business proposal for a sustainable product that can help lower the use of electricity in everyday devices.” – Sri

The Student: Miguel

I felt excited since the first day due to the interactive approach Sri took. For me, the main objective was not to learn from sustainability in a theoretical way, but to see if I am passionate about it and if I see myself working on it.

After the 20 hours and the case studies and projects that we did, I can definitely say that sustainability is a sector where I see myself in the future.

My favourite part was the project I did to reduce carbon emissions, as I had to come up with an idea to reduce CO2 and then present it to Sri to convince her to invest in my idea. It was challenging and I liked it.

I enjoyed the interactive approach given through numerous case studies and projects, and also the flexibility in deciding which topics to tackle.” – Miguel

Now, I am clearer on what I want to do in the future and more motivated about the next steps that I have to make in my career path.”