The Student

Louiza is 17 years old and from Greece. She is interested in studying Law at university.

The Objectives

  • Louiza wanted to gain an introductory overview of Law and the different topics one would typically study on an undergraduate-level Law course.
  • Louiza was particularly interested in International Law and Human Rights Law, and wanted to ascertain whether this could be a feasible career path for her.

It was clear from our Advice Session that Louiza had a vision for exactly what she wanted to get out of the course. We thought that Hannah would be the perfect teacher, given her expertise on Human Rights Law, which was one of the topics Louiza was most keen to study."

Luke Belmar-JonesPersonal Adviser

The Tuition

The Tutor: Hannah

Hannah holds a Masters in Fundamental Rights from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, an LL.M in German Law from the Universität des Saarlandes and an LL.B Law with German Law from the University of Exeter. She has worked as a paralegal and police station representative with BSB Solicitors, a leading criminal defence firm based in London. Hannah is now a staff attorney at Women’s Link Worldwide, an international human rights organisation.

“In our classes on the English legal system, we briefly covered the topics which Louiza can expect to learn in her first years at university including Constitutional and Administrative Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, the Law of Torts and Family Law. She grasped the concepts presented astoundingly quickly and was able to apply them to the example cases with ease; assessing complicated opposing arguments presented through the case to determine what the outcome of the matter should be.”

“Turning to focus on human rights, Louiza demonstrated a keen interest for the issues explored through these classes. With her bright and curious mind, and her passion for the law, I know she would make a brilliant human rights lawyer!” – Hannah

The Student: Louiza

“My learning objectives were to first of all get a taste of the core subjects I’m going to be studying at university in Law, such as constitutional law, criminal law etc., then secondly I wanted to delve deeper and study international law and human rights law as I was fascinated by them and I’m considering studying them in the future.”

“My favourite topics were focused on human rights; each session we focused on a specific human right, for example the right to a fair trial.”

“I think the course has helped me understand that I truly want to study law, and further than that it’s taught me many things that will prove to be very beneficial for my first years at university. The course has made me plan my future after high school and how I’m going to approach my studies at university.”

“An online course helps you expand your knowledge on specific subjects and figure out what you want to study in the future, or to study something because you want to learn new things!”

“Since the course was online it could be done at any place at any time, so I had the freedom of adjusting my schedule and selecting when I could do this course!” – Louiza

The course not only met my learning objectives but exceeded them; I learnt more than I ever thought I would!