The Student

Anna is 17 years old and from Italy. She was interested in Computer Science and wanted a course that would introduce her to programming.

The Objectives

  • Anna booked an advice session with Jenny pre-course as she wanted to understand the basics of Computer Science in the hopes of pursuing it in the future. She was particularly interested in coding and website design.
  • Anna was also looking to learn about the possible careers available to someone who read Computer Science at University.

Computer Science is a course that has grown hugely in popularity over the fifteen years we have been running Reach courses. It is an area where students come to us with varying levels of expertise – sometimes they have very little experience and sometimes they have vast experience. This is where a tailored approach with a one-to-one tutor is particularly valuable."

JennyPersonal Adviser

The Tuition

The Tutor: Fredah

Fredah is a Rhodes Scholar, Software Project Manager and Software Engineer in the final year of her Software Engineering PhD at the University of Oxford. She has four years’ experience in tutoring for summer schools in Oxford and Cambridge, and is fluent in many coding languages incuding HTML, CSS, Java, Python and JavaScript.

“During our 20 hours of teaching, Anna learnt about the background of Computer Science, and we learnt how to program with Python being the language of instruction. Through this we had a running project of an Encryption Engine. Since we had extra time, we also did Web Development (HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript). She created a beautifully-designed website.” – Fredah

The Student: Anna

“I didn’t only learn the basics of a programming language (Python), but I also learnt to code an encryption engine and also to code a website in HTML. Furthermore I got to know useful sites that could help in the future if I decided to learn some languages on my own.”
“My favourite topics were the Python functions because I could really see what I was doing with my code. I especially loved learning to code with HTML because it gave me the possibility to understand how a website works and to be able to create a website of my own one day.”
“The organisation was impeccable and the tutor was very helpful and extremely well-prepared.” – Anna

The course exceeded my expectations and I feel like I’ve learned a lot just in my 20 hours, and that’s also thanks to my incredibly well-prepared teacher!"